Post Christmas Blogging

We had a nice low key Christmas.  We got up, had some coffee, fed the animals, opened each others presents and then went skiing.  The dogs each got a Kong toy we put some treats in so they were fully occupied for the whole duration.  Then we took them with us skiing and they would sleep in the car.  They just love being with us regardless what we do.

It was a little cold and over cast out but the skiing was great!  This was our second day at this resort.  We bought season passes last year so we want to make sure that we get our monies worth!  Saturday, being the first day of the season was more about getting back into the swing of things, getting the bugs worked out so to speak.  This time I felt more confident and we started to go to the other runs which are more challenging.  It is amazing how there are muscles that you only use for things like skiing or horseback riding that after you are doing it for a little bit, like halfway down a long challenging hill, you start to feel!

After we finished we went up to the restaurant and had a hamburger.  This was a nice serendipitous occurrence as we would usually go through the cafeteria style line on the second floor and get a hamburger and fries, but that was closed by the time we finished.  We discovered a very nice place to sit down and have a better hamburger, it was twice as expensive but it was much better.

It is a bit of a drive to and from this resort, but the drive is spectacular and on the way home you always see some sort of wildlife.  This time we saw what I believe was a hen partridge.  As a matter of fact while skiing I have seen what looked like either a small mountain lion or lynx track and a couple of times I have seen elk tracks on the ski runs.  I am hoping that someday I see an elk on the run while skiing, that really would be so cool, but don’t expect a picture, I have a hard enough time managing my self and two poles, much less having to fumble with a camera trying to get a running elk while wearing ski gloves.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.  I hope you enjoy them.

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