Back to it, the gym that is!

So earlier this week I joined a gym.  We have several smaller gyms in our area, we have two very large ones with pools and such.  I joined the one closest to me as I do like to swim.

I got up this morning at my normal time which was about 5:30, but instead of sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading or going down to my ham radio shack and putz around on the radio until I went to work, I was on purpose to feed the animals and head to the gym.

I checked in and told the man that I just joined and didn’t know where anything was so he gave me the nickle tour.  I changed and headed up to the cardio section.  I got on an elliptical machine, set it for an easy time of 15 minutes and level of 1.  I only made it for about 8 minutes.  I cannot believe that I had let myself get so out of shape.  I did finish it with a 1/2 mile walk around the inside track.

Just before I took a shower I begrudgingly got on the scale.  Usually I would wait a week or two, but I did want to get a good baseline.  I weighed 334, now that is with my workout cloths and shoes so that weighs at least 50 lbs right?  Seriously I weigh approximately 332.  The upside is I am still lighter than I did when I graduated high school 35 years ago, which was 350 And much lighter than my absolute heaviest of 395 in October 2006.  But much heavier than I did in summer of 1991 when I was in the Navy which was 205.  Now I want to reach a happy medium of about 275 or so.

I realized that I was in trouble when my “fat pants” were starting to get tight!  That was when I knew I had to do something.  I have tried to do this alone, I have tried to walk, etc.  The only time I have had success was when I was exercising at a gym.  Naturally I am working on my diet, but the activity is a huge part of it.

I hope to continue with this blog.  I will try to get some pictures in in the future.



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