Going to the gym, day two

Yesterday I went to the gym again.  This is the second day, I know to most everybody this may sound like not a big deal.  It is the start of a good habit for me.  It is so easy for me to start and keep bad habits but not so good for good habits.

I was thinking back to all the times I had worked out and got into shape and what had happened to derail those efforts.  There is one main common thread that runs through all of them.  It is a change in pattern.  Regardless if it was me in the Navy 30 years ago, I was doing good on a deployment, eating better than I normally would and working out regularly.  To five years ago when I was in the best shape the last time.  I had just started at a new position at the company I was working for.  I was working out and eating right.  Right off the bat I had to go and support an exercise in Las Vegas for three weeks.  It was long hours and in our command center there were always bags of candy and other unhealthy food.  By the time we would get done with work and get back to the hotel (which was almost an hour away) I was too pooped to exercise.

I am now in a better place at least for environment.  I live in an area which has phenomenal outdoor activities year around.  If I choose to embrace that lifestyle, which I want to, I will not have an issue keeping active.  Now I simply have to focus on my eating, (simply stated, tongue in cheek).

So you may be asking, if you live in such a great area with so much to do, why spend $50/month on a gym?  Simply put, it gives me routine.  I cannot go hiking before work each day.  When the weather gets better I will be able to ride my bike to work, but until then I do have to work on loosing these 30 or so lbs I put on in the past six months.

I did get some great encouragement from some friends, both old and new, on my Facebook check-in at the gym.  I used to think that was silly when people would do that, but now I do see that it helps me to be encouraged when my FB friends write a little encouragement on my post!

I am going to tackle working out a little different this time.  In the past I would hit it full force.  I would start with 30-45 minutes cardio and then hit the weights.  Followed by extreme soreness then stop going because it was not working.  This time I am going to start easy.  Ten minutes on the elliptical then a 1/2 mile walk on the indoor track while listening to some upbeat music.  Then each week increase it a little bit.  I want to get the habit of working out engrained so it becomes second nature.

Well that is about all I have for thoughts running through my noggin.  Have a great day and keep coming back for more posts.

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