3/19/2018-Endorphin Blog #4

I set my alarm a little early this morning so I would have some time to get my stuff together before leaving for the gym.  It was hard getting up as the dogs kept waking me up.  We have two females and they are both in heat right now.  They are getting up and roaming around, ringing the bell on the door wanting to get out.  This would go on every two hours or so.

When I got up at 5:15 am they had just settled down again.  I am glad that this is the exception and not the rule.  Although it has been going on for the past few nights, my sleep is being affected.

But I was not going to let this affect me going to the gym.  I did my elliptical and walking.  I expanded each by a little bit.  I feel good.  My back hurts a little.  We went skiing on Saturday and I pushed past my skill level and took a couple of spills.  Then I spent a couple hours on Sunday filling gravel in the horse pasture.  This involved work on the tractor and work with a shovel leveling out the gravel in stalls.

We went for a ride on the horses after I was done with the gravel, we rode for an hour or so.  The movement, although it bothered me at first ended up feeling really good.  Something very therapeutic about being on my horse, physically, emotionally and mentally.


So that was my weekend and sums up my thoughts for now.



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