3/23/2018-Endorphin Blog #5

Well I have been going to the gym for a week or so now.  It is starting to get part of my routine.  I am doing the same workout, only increasing the times.  This morning I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and walked 6 laps which is 3/4 of a mile.  I had a friend suggest to me on the elliptical to change direction for the last two minutes.  I did that for the last two times and now my calves are really screaming.  It is weird how such a small change can make such a difference in how the body reacts.

The pool is now open.  I have my new swim suit.  I just need to figure out the best time to start that in the routine.  I am thinking maybe Wednesday nights.  I did go Wednesday after work, I want to do the spin class that is at 5:30pm.  The ones at 5:30am are just WAY too early for me.  They have them during the day but I have to work.  I will work up to that.  In the mean time I will do on Wednesday’s what I have started I started on Monday and Friday.  I will go and do something and work up to the spin class.

So on the weight front, I have lost 2.5 pounds from last week.  I now weigh 324.  It is not as fast as I would like but in reality it is as fast as it should be.  Any faster it would mean I am not eating enough.  Slow and steady wins the race.

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