04/02/2018-Overslept Endorphin Blog #6

So I was up late on Sunday night.  It was a busy weekend and I was really tired.  My alarm went off at the normal 5:30am which is for me to either get up and go to the gym or get up and enjoy the quiet morning before work.  It was Monday, so it was a ‘get up and go to the gym’ day.  I didn’t want to get up at 5:30 since I was tired.  I hit the snooze  twice.  I caught myself thinking, I could just skip today.  But then a more rational thought took over.

The inner Drill Instructor (DI) barked at me “You know your self, if you skip today it will be a slippery slope and before you know it you will not be going to the gym at all and paying $53.00/month for the shame of failing once again”   “Suck it up, buttercup and go!” he continued to bark at me!

I rolled out of bed, now feeling a little anxious because it is almost 6:00, I have to get ready, make my shake for breakfast, feed the horses and go, workout and be at work by 8:00.  This is impossible, then I realized that I didn’t have to do my whole workout.  I could modify it to fit the time frame because the important thing is I go to the gym.

I ended up doing 16 minutes on the Elliptical, meant to due 15 but I fat-fingered the time when I entered it, and walked one lap instead of the 7 or 8.  Then swam five laps.  I was out of there at the same time I would have if I did a full workout and had the same endorphin rush I normally do.  The frustration and shame of letting myself oversleep was not even blip in my memory.  I was so grateful to my inner DI for getting me motivated.  He can be a pushy butt-head, but it is working.

So the lesson I learned here was don’t let poor planning on your part or anybody else cause you to stumble.  As Gunny Highway from the movie “Heartbreak Ridge” would say: “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.  All my life I would be rigid and if I couldn’t do all I had initially planned, I would just skip the whole thing.  In the end this caused major failures.  Now I am going with the flow so to speak and making due.  If I was the cause of the issue, I would look at why and change that behavior.  If others were I would mitigate as best possible, adapt when all else fails.


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