04/03/2018-Post holiday leftovers

I came to work Monday and there was tons of leftover Easter Candy and baked goods in the break room.

It has been several weeks since I gave up snacking.  So having the candy around is not really a problem.  It may have been a few weeks ago, but it is a non-issue today.

In the break room, that is something slightly different.  Yesterday I went in to wash my shake container and get some coffee.  I instantly noticed a pie on the table.  I automatically went over to see what kind it was.  Then then my inner Drill Instructor told me that I had no business there and there was nothing to see.  As I am walking away I was wondering why I even walked over, I wasn’t hungry, I did not want anything yet I still had to tease myself with that.  I am glad that my inner DI took over when he did.  He is a pushy butt!  But thank goodness he is.

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